Boston native Tris "Duke" Carpenter fronts Auntie M.  He stripped two strings off a hollowbody Epiphone bass to faithfully capture the sonic signature of the original songs, and his voice brings back memories of the late Mark Sandman's tone and vibe.  Carpenter has been playing bass in Southern California rock bands for several years.


Jeff Dellisante is the main soloist in the band, covering all the baritone and tenor sax duties.  A founding member of the Young Dubliners, he has built a well-deserved reputation in Los Angeles as an exceptional player both live and in the studio.


Jared Stowell plays drums for Auntie M.  He and Carpenter met in 2000 and have been a formidable rhythm section ever since.  A veteran drummer of the Portland, Oregon rock scene, he came to Los Angeles in the 1990s and never looked back.

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